Brain Art

What’s This?

Our Digital Trivia is a great way to bring the team together from across the room or across the globe. With its digital portal, and ability to be accessed by any personal device or laptop, it’s a great option for worldwide teams, multi-day activations, B2B activities, and more. Digital Trivia can accommodate up to 1000 attendees per quiz show, with the options to choose from a traditional trivia game, timed challenge, or elimination style experience. The trivia game can also be scheduled for a specific start of play or allow for a window for each audience member to answer at their own leisure. With a catalog of trivia categories or the option to submit customized questions befitting to your event and audience. And the greatest part of Hosted Team Trivia is the online portal with branded game board and the capability of utilizing a custom URL for hosting.

How ‘Bout Options?

Add-Ons Available

  • LIVE Game Host
  • Customized Brand URL
  • Sponsor Banner Ad Space
  • Custom Themed Games
  • Scalable Game Play